We now offer a great possibility to find a new user to your used skates! Advertise on our Icestar forum ‘second-hand skates’ and your ad will be visible on all of our sites in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Thanks to our wide reach the ad will be seen by skaters in Finland, Sweden, and worldwide. But for new skates go to our ICESTAR e-shop!

How to sell your old skates

1. Send your informal ad request to . Mark: an exact model of skates, short description, price, contact, location, photo (horizontal)

2. Opening an ad fee:

Opening an ad cost – 7€

Ad will be opened after payment and will be visible for 6 months.

How to buy second-hand skates

1. When you find suitable skates, reach out through the contact listed in the ad.
2. It is not possible to buy used skates from our e-shop.

Mail: It is possible to give in an ad in any of our Icestar Shop!

Your add will be her !

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