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AURA SKY 200 & SKY 100

The most unique and special boot yet to be created

Made in Canada and born of more than 25 years of relentless innovation, AURA combines years of research with revolutionary technology to deliver a figure skates unlike any.


Design Innovation.


Holding a bachelor of Science Degree and Master in Biomechanics from the University of Calgary, former Canadian National team speed skater Scott Van Horne is the design brain behind AURA. Having successfully created both speed and hockey skates – and led by a refusal to accept off-the-shelf skates as the ideal on-ice companion – Scott perfected the custom fit unibody figure skate design, unlocking unparalleled responsiveness, increased mobility, and exceptional on-ice performance for athletes.

Each pair of AURA skates are the result of numerous prototypes, endless hours of analysis, and a dedication to being the best. Our skates are designed for a spectrum of high-performance skaters in different stiffness profiles based on body composition, skating level, and wear progression. No detail has been overlooked in providing you with a unique skating experience unlike any other.

Production of stock models SKY 100 and SKY 200 started in the beginning of 2022.
The success in the US market encouraged the manufacturer True Sport to enter other major skate markets. In November Aura was presented at the world’s largest sporting goods fair ISPO 2022.

All SKY, no limits.

A new kind of skating experience has arrived.



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