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Aleksander Selevko skates on EDEA

Edea ICE FLY 499 €

All for Skaters

Shipped from Estonia


Nina Petrõkina skates on RISPORT RF1 ELITE new model

RF1 ELITE 475 €


Eva Lotta Kiibus skates on John Wilson blades

Coronation Ace 229 €

All for skaters

Shipped from Estonia



glides the best

JIV clothings

Dream big.. ..Dream icy

Icestar makes your icy dreams come true

We supply you with quality skates, clothing & accessories for more than 20 years!

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Icestar have been the skates supplier in Estonia, Latvia , Lithuania for nearly 20 years and fall 2016 we are reached a magic number: 10 000 sold skates! We have something for anyone, wide variety of sizes and models, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.


for hobby skaters

We do our best to stay in pace with the latest developments in the skating world. Our professionals have gotten their training from the biggest companies in the skating world - RISPORT, EDEA, JACKSON, GRAF, RIEDELL. The largest selection of skating boots in the Baltics. ICEFLY, ROYAL PRIME, CHORUS, ROYAL PRO, RF3 PRO, OVERTURE, ELECTRA always available in the store.


for Professional skaters

Icestar is the exclusive distributor in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania of the world’s leading figure skate blade manufacturer HD Sport's, producer of JOHN WILSON & MK exceptional blades for world-class skaters. GOLD SEAL, PATTERN 99, CORONATION ACE, PROFESSIONAL, CORONATION DANCE, GALAXY, FLIGHT always available in the store. John Wilson blades is the choice of Today's champions.



Unfortunately it is not enough if you have just skates! You must have also skating clothes, blade guards, boot covers, boot care, laces, etc...Please look at variety we can offer you!


All for skaters

Just enjoy what You do!

Figure skating is beautiful and enjoyable as for professional skater or for those wearing skates once a week. While keeping up with the trends in skating world, we bring all the new skating trends to our product line. Latest skating clothes trends on ice, most popular skates and blades are the three main things you find in our shops.

Through all these years ICESTAR has cooperated with the best skaters in Estonia, Latvia Lithuania. We follow their results and also support them in their everyday training process. ICESTAR has been the official sponsor of the Estonian, Lithuanian, Belarussian Skating Federation.

Icestar favorite skaters

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