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Measuring the leg

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart on the measuring device

Flex your knees slightly

Center heel and press against the rear

Next red line indicates the size to try

If still growing, take maximum 2 sizes up. Edea do not recommend sizing beyond this as it could hamper performance and cause injury.


If you can’t get to a dealer then tracing your foot is the next best solution.
Follow the instructions below to get accurate tracings.


Simply measuring a static foot when sitting down in the morning will not give the correct size. When the foot is under load and in warm conditions, the size can increase by 5%. For this reason we recommend late afternoon to give a better approximation of your foot when skating.

How to trace

  1. Place the paper on a hard surface
  2. Stand on the paper barefoot
  3. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, knees slightly flexed
  4. Your weight should be on the foot to be traced
  5. Get a friend to trace that foot. The pen must be upright
  6. Both feet can be traced on the same page
  7. On the tracings, mark the middle of the heel
  8. Then mark the furthest point (it might not be your “big toe”)
  9. Measure and write the length in millimeters for both feet
  10. At the widest point measure and write the width

Other key information

Sizing isn’t just about length. As well as the tracing of both feet with the length and width in millimeters your dealer will need:

  • Age, height and weight
  • Technical level of the athlete
  • Current model and size
  • Any issues with current boots
  • Edea model you’re interested in
  • If you use orthotics or other inserts

When you scan tracings, ensure this is done parallel to the images as angles will distort lengths. Include measurements on the tracings and make sure all is clear.

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